For my fellow authors

I plan to share with you my journey as a writer (author?) – all the ups and downs, the bouts of fear-induced paralysis, my hatred for the characters that I create in my head and mostly, the failures that I have faced in this journey of trying get rid of the stories in my head.

I hope you will share your experiences with me too. And I really won’t mind if you ask me how many books I have sold and if I was able to pay off the mortgage with the royalties. I’ll also tell you if I got a rejection from the same literary agent that you had just queried and how long I waited for a reply.  Sometimes I will write stuff in the middle of the night in my bed that I share with my husband, 9 year old daughter and 3 dogs, and it may sound like boogers when you read it the next morning. Then we’ll laugh and laugh about the sins of the writer, etc.

I plan to share every response to a query that I have submitted and some of the terrible queries that I sent. (ok, I’ll share all the terrible ones – it’s fair that way). I hope you will tell me about your characters and your plot that doesn’t make any sense anymore and your 30th final draft. Also how you #MSWL’ ed your  self published novel and got scolded on Twitter for it. And about that time when you gave your laptop the finger when another form rejection email flashed on the screen. But more than that, I hope to hear about how you persevered and became the success story that you read (and cried) about on #PitMad, QueryTracker and Publisher’s MarketPlace.

Let’s be awesome and awful together.