I tried really hard to find clever and funny things to say about me that will make people feel like they’ve just met awesomeness. The truth is I am what most people are so afraid to be: AVERAGE. I am a mother, just trying to get my 3 kids to adulthood in one piece. I carry around these hateful little things called 15 KILOGRAMS AROUND MY WAIST, ARMS AND THIGHS that I haven’t been able to get rid of since my first kid was born (Joshua is now 13!) I work a full time job at a major corporate and I sometimes (always) snoop around my kids’ stuff because they don’t tell me anything anymore.

I also love … books. When all the hats come off every night, the only thing that is still as real to me as it was when I was 10 years old, is my deep love for books. I love to read – all kinds of things: Stephen King novels, steamy romance, milk cartons, literotica.com, the obituary section in the newspaper, school newsletters.. (did you notice I said literotica.com?) Hmm, I know a picture tells a thousand words, but I prefer to read the words and I promise, I read the stories only on literotica.com.

I have always written. When I was 14, I wrote (what I thought was) a screenplay called LIFE SUCKS and I have written stories since about 11 years old. I have finished my first novel: Deep Flaming Red, and I will share that journey elsewhere on this site (when I figure out how to navigate this site, that is).

I hope you’ll stay with me. I promise to be real and honest with you and I really do want to connect with you in a way that means something to both you and me.