Publishing, Publishers and Ant Colony Press

In the world of publishing and publishers, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of rules, guidelines, checks and double checks and triple checks and more advice than you can make sense of. And when you finally meet THE ONE you look back and wonder what the fuss was all about.

My publisher, Ant Colony Press, who will bring my debut novel DEEP FLAMING RED to life in spring/summer this year is a vibrant, forward thinking, involved indie publisher. My journey with them has been incredible. Their submissions editor, Sarah (@agirl_whowrites Insta/Twitter)  is fabulous. She is an author herself so she can relate to both sides of the publishing experience (UNCONVENTIONAL, her romantic suspense novel written under the pen name Scarlet Birch is out now).

Sarah requested the full manuscript of Deep Flaming Red the same evening after receiving my query. Within two weeks I received detailed and encouraging feedback on the chapters she had read up until that point. Side note:  Sarah tweeted and posted on Facebook that she was really enjoying a romance submission about the time she gave me feedback. Imagine if she was talking about Deep Flaming Red! Oh, the stalking and obsessive tendencies of a writer! I should probably ask her about that!

Anyway, after only a few weeks and a few email exchanges, I was an Ant Colony Press author. The team at ACP are hands on. Passionate about your book as if they had penned it themselves. Tenacious, with an arresting (and growing) presence on social media. They engage REGULARLY with all their authors and have created platforms for their authors to support each other, to share experiences and ideas. It is the kind of “community” feel that all authors need. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this amazing “colony”.

If you’re putting together your list of publishers to query, ACP should absolutely be on that list. Look them up at antcolonypress.com . Here you will find book and author news, interviews with ACP authors and other indie authors, their submission guidelines and blog posts about writing, publishing and more.

ACP also takes it’s subscriber list very seriously, sending relevant, insightful and interesting content to their subscribers.  If you want to be kept in the loop, head over to this link to be added to ACP’s mailing list! https://mailchi.mp/7b2e22582ab3/email

Wherever you are in your publishing journey right now, just know that you will find THE ONE, just like I did!

Until next time!






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