Meet Ethan

J.D. SAMSON_author

I wanted to tell you about a story that I have finished writing. It’s called Deep Flaming Red and I began writing the story in Feb 2013. It was complete by the following year but I had made so many mistakes that I felt like rewriting the whole thing! What did I do? Well, this:

  • I changed the POV half way through
  • I changed from present to past tense half way through
  • I made Scarlett (my female lead) a vegetarian and changed her back to meat-eating a dozen times
  • My male lead, Ethan, was so vulgar in his day to day speech that I had started to feel violated every time I tried to go back to edit
  • I changed the age gap from 7 years to six years to fives years and back to six years until I was not sure how old they were anymore

As you can…

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