Featured Author: Robert B.L. – ARC copy giveaways

I really enjoyed the honesty in this interview. I think the author writes from a deep place and that is what draws people to stories. I wish him the very best!

Alyne Hart

jjBio:  I was born into the lower working class in Sweden, and raised by a single mother due to the death of my father. I’m no stranger to hardship and struggle. From hardship grows compassion, determination and the motivation to strive for something better. That’s a gift in my eyes. Writing is something I want to make my profession. I’m not only filled with stories, also the drive to finish them. I come from a family with no history of writing, nor any connections, and I hope someday someone will see the potential in me.
Why do I write? I write because my whole life I have felt like the dum athletic kid. I had trouble with multiple subjects in school and I never felt smart. Then, later on, I was determined to do something that people saw as intelligent. Writing has always been an interest already embedded in my DNA, but the spark lit the fire when…

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