My writing journey

And then there was Wattpad!

Hi guys

I mentioned last time that I had gotten onto Wattpad. Now, I’m not exactly sure how to weave my way through the site as yet but I did manage to post the prologue and first chapter of Deep Flaming Red. 

I went ballistic when I got my first comment. It was from a reader named imledstoryweaver ( and she thought that the story sounded like a classic love story and she really wanted to read more.  You can have a look at the prologue + chapter 1 here:

My reader also told me that I should break the updates up so that it’s easier for the reader – important advice and I will definitely take heed!

Have you tried Wattpad? Or a similar platform to put your work in front of readers?

I would love to hear your experiences!

Till next time,




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