Quick, random thought #1

I’ve been reading alot about books needing to have strong female characters and how it is being promoted in writing and it got me thinking.

So, if we start a story with a strong heroine, how do we make her grow and learn as the story progresses? And if we start her of as “lacking”or “not strong”, then are we being unsupportive of the women empowerment concept, even if the character shows real strength later in the book?

So, if we consider… An uneducated woman who spent ten years in an abusive relationship finds the strength and courage to educate herself, leave the relationship and learn to love herself again …. And a woman who grew up with a good education, a good family and a safe relationship goes for whats she wants with confidence.

Which shows strength? If strength is characterized by perseverance and overcoming adversity, then wouldn’t weakness have existed at some point – and our female character was then weak at some point? And if a woman is strong because she had everything that she needed, and didn’t have to overcome adversity, how is that wrong?

I don’t get it. At which point should our female character be (or become) strong?


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