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Meet Ethan

I wanted to tell you about a story that I have finished writing. It’s called Deep Flaming Red and I began writing the story in Feb 2013. It was complete by the following year but I had made so many mistakes that I felt like rewriting the whole thing! What did I do? Well, this:

  • I changed the POV half way through
  • I changed from present to past tense half way through
  • I made Scarlett (my female lead) a vegetarian and changed her back to meat-eating a dozen times
  • My male lead, Ethan, was so vulgar in his day to day speech that I had started to feel violated every time I tried to go back to edit
  • I changed the age gap from 7 years to six years to fives years and back to six years until I was not sure how old they were anymore

As you can see, this was my first draft of my first book!

So, Deep Flaming Red is now complete with 311 pages of love and romance.

Let me tell you about Ethan today:

  • He’s 27 years old (last time I checked)
  • Six foot four, brown eyes, dark brown hair
  • Indention on his left cheek, caused by a cut to the cheek during a fight – often mistaken for a dimple
  • He’s super smart
  • His father is a famous preacher but Ethan is far from godly

I will post soon again about Scarlett and how the lives of these two human beings went to hell.

Why don’t you tell me a bit about what are you writing at the moment?

Till next time,




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