First blog post

Hi there!

I started this blog because I wanted to connect with other readers and writers in a way that allowed me to speak¬† for more than 280 characters at a time. I wish I could say that I have spreadsheets and schedules and perfectly managed calendars to make this a success. The truth is, I just want to talk to people about real things, like the joys and pains of writing. About a new book that we discovered that we just can’t get over. Self publishing. How to remove oil stains from silk shirt. Why my 13 year son insists that his sisters fart when everybody knows that girls don’t fart. Important stuff.

And as we go along, I want to share with you my journey as a writer. I want you to be there when the time comes for me to say “they published my book” or “somebody said they liked it” or everybody hates it”.¬† And I want to be there when your time comes. If your time has already come and you are a published author, I would love to hear all about your journey too!

I think they said you have to do this weekly, so I guess I’ll see you in a week’s time. I will tell you about my book that I have just finished and hoping to have available for readers very soon.

Till next time,



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